What do you get?

Ten (10) full practice tests, a total of 20 mocks (10 Sprint and 10 Target) covering all the 6 topic areas tested on Mathcounts under various difficult levels. Each test requires you to take both the Sprint and Target rounds consecutively for your practice to be as effective as possible.

A very easy to use test platform that allows you to take the practice tests unlimited number of times under competition test conditions to check your competition readiness level and to provide you with details necessary to bridge the gaps in your knowledge.

Packed with ideas and strategies collected from our personal experience competing at national, state, regional and chapter levels over the past 5 years. We have shared numerous strategies that will come in handy during your Sprint and Target rounds. Note: In 2021, Countdown round is only during the national competition event.

Simple 5 step success method will help you hone your test taking skills and view problem solving approaches from a different angle. Following our method will help retain information longer and recognize question patterns on which you tend to make silly mistakes.

About Us

During the past 5 years, we have put in over 10,000 hours of preparation and practice and took part in challenging middle school and high school competitions at national, state, chapter, regional, school and local level.

Our experience from both successes and failures helped us to form ideas and strategies that are tested and found to be very effective during our competition journey (preparation, practice and the day of the competition).

With a stronger team in place, we are now launching this online solution that can improve your test taking abilities for Math Competitions using a simple 5-Step success method that can guide you to compete at your highest level.

We are confident that our practice materials will create a path for your success and can help you achieve your competition goals.

We are excited and look forward to helping you in your Mathcounts journey.